AlgoWorld Swapper documentation (work in progress)
The following is the official documentation for AlgoWorld Swapper. Free and open-source swapper that allows for trustless transfers of assets on Algorand blockchain and extensibility.
⚠️ NOTE: algoworld-contracts used by the swapper are not formally audited by accredited third parties. However, contracts are a basis for certain functionality on the platform and were created in collaboration with Solution Architect from Algorand (credits @cusma).
AlgoWorld Swapper Platform Overview

🚀 Features

AlgoWorld Swapper currently offers usage of several smart signatures used for single and multi ASA transfers.


There are two different types of smart signatures available:
  • ASA to ASA swap | 🎴↔️🎴: Allows performing a swap of any single ASA of specified amount to any other single ASA of specified amount.
  • ASAs to ALGO swap | 🎴🎴🎴↔️💰: Allows performing a swap of multiple ASAs of specified amount to ALGO of specified amount.
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